CoinPayU Review: Watch Videos, View Webpages, and GET PAID in BITCOIN For It...

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Today we're going to review CoinPayU and give you a general guide to use it.

This is where you get paid to watch videos, visit websites, and view ads - for all these you can collect bitcoin just by simply clicking.

From my experience so far this is a legit, trusted and paying platform. I myself have been paid more than 8 times. Since its launch, it has paid a lot of people and I haven't been able to find any posts online from people saying they didn't get paid.

In return for BTC, there are 3 ways to earn..

Standard Ads: Click on them, wait for the countdown to end (you may have a requirement to keep a page open for 10 seconds for example) and that's it, you instantly get paid for it!   You don't even need to be looking a the page, just don't close the tab.     

Window Ads: these ads play by the same rules as previous ads, but with the only exception that you must have the ad window open and on top for the required amount of seconds. But pay is higher.

Alternatively, there is a CoinPayU offerwall these are things like earning Bitcoin for buying a game or joining Netflix - make sure to look for things you already do and see if you canb earn!

Withdraw with as little as $1.50 and NO fee...

Be sure to open it every day, you'll get the minimum withdrawal within a few days! I highly recommend this site!

Click here to make your free account and start earning some easy Bitcoin!

Author: Julian Pobet
CoinPayU Review

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