10,000+ Person Global Survey on Crypto Finds Investors HODLing, and Surprising Amount Of Public STILL Having "NO IDEA How It Works"...

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The survey was administered to 10,500 individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 from 19 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the United States, conducted by Toluna, a market research company used by many Fortune 500 companies.

The purpose of the survey was to assess the level of familiarity with and interest in the cryptocurrency industry.

The objective was to gauge public opinion on:

  • Market-wide familiarity, knowledge, and attitudes regarding cryptocurrency

  • The forces that drive consumer cryptocurrency interest

  • The cryptocurrency outlook among investors in turbulent 2022.

Most Interesting / surprising Findings...

Most surprising for many people was seeing 57% of those surveyed indicate that they 'do not understand anything' when it comes to how cryptocurrency works, or what the crypto industry is about, according to the findings.

But that discouraging data may be offset seeing 32% of those surveyed say they've already purchased crypto - a fairly impressive number considering the poll used a random sample of people, being over 18 years old was the only requirement.

Among these crypto owners, 81% said they have no plans to sell their current holdings, and 42% said they intend to purchase more in the next six months.

Optimism for crypto's future was found world-wide, but there's another level of excitement about crypto coming from Latin America and some Asian nations...

There's excitement about cryptocurrencies and the potential it has to improve people's lives coming from Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. These countries are the most confident and trusting of the technology.

About a year ago in another study by another company these same countries also stood out for this reason - looks like the bear market wasn't enough to change their minds.

People in those regions say they're turning to cryptocurrencies "to protect themselves from their local economies" and view it as a "long-term investment" with a high likelihood of success.

You can see all of the survey results here.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
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