Law Enforcement in 195 Countries Join Search for WANTED Founder of LUNA, as Interpol Prepares Global 'Red Alert' Notice...

Do Kwon of Luna

Sources have informed us of a pending international police (Interpol) global 'red alert' to be issued shortly for the search and capture of Do Kwon, the co-founder of the failed cryptocurrencies terraUSD (UST) and Luna (LUNA), whose whereabouts are currently unknown after moving from Singapore, where he was evading South Korean justice.  

The Interpol security forces include a total of 195 member countries with cooperating law enforcement officials. 

Kwon is indicted in South Korea and possibly wanted internationally for various crimes, including investor fraud, money laundering and tax evasion and evade taxes... 

To the crypto world, he is responsible for a massive loss of investor funds, considered the event that started this year's bear market.

At the time of publishing, Do Kwon's profile has not yet been listed on the official Interpol wanted page. However, if accurate, he would become part of a list of 7,152 red alerts that are currently active.

His most recent statement showed he was still struggling to accept reality...

9 days ago, he denied that he was on the run and that he was at the order of "any government agency" that wants to communicate with him. "We are very cooperative and we have nothing to hide," Kwon said.

South Korean officials rebutted the statement, saying he 'clearly' is evading authorities.

Author: Adam Lee 
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