If You Had Invested $100 In SAFEMOON At It's Launch, You'd Have $8 MILLION Dollars Today...

Metagold Rewards Token Crypto News

...this might be your second chance: MetaGold

Can you imagine living your ideal life from the beach in Phuket, Thailand while making money while you sleep? This is exactly what Michael Bolduc is doing as an investor in MetaGold rewards. In just 2 days from it’s launch MetaGold increased by 9,093%. If you had just put $1,000 in investment, you would have already made $90,093.

So, what exactly is MetaGold that makes everyone want to invest in it?

The Highest Returning Rewards Coin that Earns You Up To 15% Per Month. Just For Owning It… 

MetaGold Rewards is a new coin that provides a passive income stream to it’s holders… AN EASIER WAY TO REACH FINANCIAL FREEDOM…

You earn passive income because of the fees on every transaction. 

When you invest in MetaGold, you earn rewards on all transactions, 11% on buy and 25% on sell, which is paid out daily in USDT. 

Just to be clear, by holding MetaGold…you earn money every time someone buys or sells the coin.


MetaGold gives you the opportunity to achieve financial freedom, whatever that means to you: sitting on the beach or doing whatever it is you want! Especially as an early investor!

Michael says, the project is very early, it was only launched on December 28, so there is so much growth to be done, early investors can easily 100X their money as MetaGold grows to 100 Million Market Cap.

Website: https://metagoldrewards.com/
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY5p6Viieenxd2z6AUDc-yA
Contact: Michael Bolduc - owner@metagoldrewards.com

Michael Bolduc - Metagold's Founder

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