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Hi.com review and referral code

Hi is the new social blockchain, they're applying blockchain technology to community-driven financial services. Here's my Hi.com review...

Claim Free Crypto Every 24 Hours...

Using the site you'll see how to earn rewards you claim every 24 hours. The Hi Token is already trading - currently for around $1 on Uniswap and just logging in gets you 0.5 every day.

Join using this Hi.com referral code link and your free account can claim $1 Hi every day!

Launched By An Experienced and Proven Team...

The new Hi.com platform was created by the Bitcoin.com former CEO Stefan RüST and Crypto.com former CMO Sean Rach.

“The support of our partners makes us very excited, but also makes us more humble” said Sean Rach , co-founder of hi "As pioneers in their respective fields, these venture capitalists have brought a wealth of experience in the fields of financial technology, blockchain and the Internet."

Hi team is made up of the world's most cutting-edge technology and financial leaders from companies including Tencent, Alibaba, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

Financially Backed By The Same Blockchain Funds That Invested In The Launches Of Ethereum, EOS, Polkadot, BlockFi, Terra and more...

Hi members are the main stakeholders in its ecosystem, hi is committed to maximizing the benefits of members-not the maximization of profits. hi's first product is a digital wallet.

Members will unlock seamless integration for crypto payments in Telegram, WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Viber and others.

All Overseen By Non-Profit Foundation...

All this comes together to be operated by the hi Foundation, a Singapore-based not-for-profit organization - we thought was great to see when making this Hi crypto review.

The foundation is devoted to revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure and rethinking how digital services can maximize stakeholder value.

Signup in 30 Seconds...

The most frictionless sign up process ever, period. Get free hi Dollars just for joining here now.

Author: Otto Jurgen
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