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Mine Crypto From ANYTHING (iPhone, Andorid, Computer) - How To Be Up And Earning In 5 Mins...

Photograph of an iPhone and an Android in a crypto mine

 Yes, You Can Use an Iphone Or Android to Mine Bitcoin...

The answer used to be no.  First "no you can" then "no they don't allow it"
Any mining app started to get rejected Apple or Google and not allowed in the App stores.
So people got clever.
Based on a modified version of Google Chrome (Chrome is open source, so anyone can make their own changes to it), a new web browser has slipped in mining functionality!
It's Google Chrome, But Modified To Mine and Pay You...
That's about the only difference.
Always wanted to mine bitcoin, or just want to browse and get paid - click here and start doing it!

Boost Earnings Tip #1: Get Your Friends On it

Once you’re up and running, text a few friends and tell them how you’re mining crypto on your phone. When they ask how, you send them a link and you’ll earn a percentage of everything they mine, for life!
Make sure you join via an Invitation link, then you can invite others.

Your percentage is not taken out of their earnings, it’s added as a bonus to yours (so you won’t be stealing from your friends).

Plus - earn from the friends your friend tells!

Here's A Mine With Both Android And iPhone
A full mining interface on mobile...
Boost Earnings Tip #2: Run it On Every Device Possible.

There’s versions for your home computer/laptop and Android phones as well. So maximize earnings by downloading it on everything!

Boost Earnings Tip #3:Leave It Turned On.

Depending on your power bill, many people just leave their computers on all day anyway. If you’re one of those people, get in the habit of NOT closing your browser — you’ll keep mining as long as it’s open!

Ready to get some bitcoin? Click here and you'll be pressing 'start' in less than 5 minutes!

Author: Julian Pobet
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